We are what everyone is talking about.

What we stand for!
At EastSolid we believe in fixing problems before they come up. We believe in having problems solved before they start. We believe in supporting our clients including their own. We want all our customers to know that we are here for them. From the moment you join our site you are welcomed by the same support staff who knows your site. We believe in having a community atmosphere here at EastSolid and other SolidNetwork sites. We are EastSolid and that is what we stand for.

Contacting Us!
We've tried to make it pretty darn easy to contact us. There are several ways to get our attention--whether you have a website emergency or you just want to send us a Christmas card.

Getting emails from us
Please make sure that your email service if it has a spam blocker to allow emails from support@eastsolid.com ; sales@eastsolid.com ; billing@eastsolid.com and accounts@eastsolid.com. We receive over hundreds of emails and the only way to track them is by our home grown customer management system. The only way to respond to these emails is to use a script which most spam blockers think its spam; when really it isn't.

Email/Ticket System
Using our email/ticket system! Currently we receive hundreds of emails each day so our staff built a home grown ticketing system to help us receive and send emails in a snap. Each email we receive will be given a Ticket ID; this ID is what helps us tell one email from another. Each email should be responded within 6 hours or sooner.

Current date and time at EastSolid is, Friday April 19th, 2024 - 09:38 AM.

Contact Form

Sales Team
6am - 9pm

Contact the sales team if you are not an EastSolid customer about any questions you may have. Even if your question is something technically related, ask away! We offer a 6 hour resolution time period guarantee on all tickets into the sales department. May be opened for later hours if their is a high number of tickets.
Support Team
24 x 7
To answer technical support help to current EastSolid customer. We have a full time 24x7 staff and guarantee a 6 hour response time and 24 hour resolution time period to all tickets submitted.

Billing Staff
Monday - Friday
6am - 9pm

To answer current EastSolid customers about up coming or unpaid invoices as well as any other questions related to billing or invoices. 6 hour response time to tickets submitted with in the opened hours of business. May be opened on weekends if their is a high number of tickets opened.
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