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Reseller Web Hosting
Reseller hosting plans have the ability to create unlimited websites, with separate login information for each website. The constraint with reseller hosting accounts are the diskspace and bandwidth allocated to the reseller account as a whole. Reseller accounts are perfect for web hosting company's, hosting more then one website and for multiple users with differenet login information. WHM (Web Host Manager) is the control panel offered to resellers and cPanel for websites under the reseller plan. WHM allows the editing and control of each website created.

**New** FREE End User Support!
EastSolid is now now offering FREE end user support to all reseller customers! This offer is available to current and new customers. End User Support lets your customers email EastSolid staff via your branded email address (support@yourhostingcompany.com). EastSolid staff will reply to your customers and even add your company signature to all out going emails. EastSolid is not mentioned anywhere, and in fact is replaced with your company name. End User Support is normally $80/month, EastSolid is now including it for FREE to all reseller customers - for the life of the account! Take a look at all our reseller plans.

The starter plan are for those people who would like to open up a small hosting company or just have more then one site, who would not like to pay an arm and a leg for hosting. You get all the core features, like PHP4, PHP5 and Ruby on Rails, etc. at no extra setup fees. This option is also wonderful for small web hosts, networks, forum/network and many more! Have any questions? Send us an email!

The mega plan is for people who already have a full blown hosting company and require a mess load of diskspace and bandwidth. This plan is perfect for anyone who needs a lot of diskspace and bandwidth. You can still use this plan, even if you are not a web host and just want to share files or anything else you will need. You still get all the core features, like PHP4, PHP5 and Ruby on Rails! Have a question? Send us an email!
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