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About Us
EastSolid was founded under SolidNetwork in 2004. SolidNetwork is a company based out of Los Angeles, CA, USA providing computer services to local business and schools in Los Angeles. Shortly after SolidNetwork opened they brought their company to the web SolidNetwork.org. With the company growing every day some of their clients asked for their own websites. Within 4 months of opening, SolidNetwork has grown to over 135 clients and now are planning on starting a web hosting company. SolidNetwork has grown from a small sole proprietorship company to a global company. With clients all over the world like, USA, UK, Mexico and Australia. SolidNetwork never stops improving because your growth is our growth.

Adam Brenner - CEO of SolidNetwork

Our Support Center
Each staff member has the tools and resource to help each of our clients. We strive on fixing problems before they come up, rather than support. We still provide full on support. Each staff member has watch on all of our servers; in fact each work station has two monitors one dedicated for close watch on all our servers and the other one for supporting you. When it comes to our servers we don't skip out. How ever it may seem so, let me explain.

Our Servers
We are not going to tell you that your site will be hosted on a super powerful Dual Xeon server (it may, depending on your account) simply because this is not always the case. We actually prefer not to use Dual Xeon servers.

Why? Well, we may put 1000 accounts on that Dual Xeon server and only a couple hundred on a smaller server, they will both run the same. Your site will still load just as fast, server usage will generally be the same. Instead of one big Dual Xeon, we may use four smaller Pentium IV's or Athlon servers which provides great advantages.

Let's just say the server goes down (Apache fails etc)... Now if apache on a Dual Xeon fails, 1000 accounts go offline. If apache is to fail on a smaller server, only 200 domains go offline. See our point? This way, if something does happen, causing services to fail, it only affects a small number of clients leaving a greater possibility that it won't be your site.

The bottom line -- we do not overload our servers. Once we severs gets 40%-50% full, we stop adding clients (to allow for reseller domain growth) and deploy a new server.

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